Hello and Welcome to HIITit.ca!! We are looking so forward to working out together with you! Here are a few points to cover the basics of the HIITit.ca program and how you can get the most out of your 12 minutes a day! If you have any additional questions, please contact us anytime at [email protected]. Here we go!!…

1. These videos have been created for YOU!! The HIITit.ca Workouts are available exclusively to registered participants and are not accessible to the public or in any way intended to be shared. Your participation in our monthly workouts is absolutely what keeps the HIITit.ca program alive and we THANK YOU!!! We are committed to building a close knit community of participants empowering one another and again cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate your support and purchase with us!

2. Your HIITit.ca workout program will come via email following online purchase. To help these emails from not going to SPAM/JUNK, please add [email protected] to your email contacts. 

3. Commit now by setting a personal goal to complete your daily 12 minute workouts! Whether it is 3 days a week, 4 days, or maybe it's taking on every single day of the workouts (keeping in mind every 5th day is a Rest Day), setting a personal goal is a must for success. We get that unexpected circumstances come up. Work, kids, travelling, the morning slipping away on you, not feeling great, busyness, feeling overwhelmed, or just even a lack of motivation. Hurdles come up for ALL of us... but we want you to decide today that you are going to do your absolute BEST to get to YOUR 12 minutes a day, NO MATTER WHAT. Working out and being active is KEY to a healthy, fulfilled life, so let's make it a priority together!! If it's 11pm and you just crawl in to bed remembering you forgot to complete your workout... HOP BACK OUT!!! If your little ones are fussy…Turn up the music and go for it letting them crawl on you if need be! Busy with company visiting? Sneak away to your room! Out of town or away with business?! These workouts can literally be done anywhere, and even a hotel room has enough space to get this done!

4. JOIN THE HIITit ROOM AND BE A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR! This is our private facebook page that you can join for amazing accountability with other 'HIIT'ers'. We regularly check in too, making this space a wonderful place for you to keep in touch with your trainers! Find us on facebok by searching 'HIITit Room'. 

5. FIND A WAP (HIITit's token acronym for Workout Accountability Partner). This can be a family member, neighbour, colleague, friend, child.. etc. who throughout the month will check in on how your workouts are going and if you are getting them done each day. This works fabulous if you can find someone to sign up to do the HIITit.ca workouts with you, but if not, that's totally fine too. Your WAP really can be anyone that cares about your success!! 

6. Take a picture of you NOW. This is one of the best things you can do to see (& believe!!) the progress you will make!! Get down in a cute 2 piece swim suit or bra and shorts ladies, and guys get down in to a nice pair of shorts. Taking this photo can be so hard to do (and feel strange we know!!), but it is truly an amazing way for you to see your body changing month by month as your muscles tone. You can do it and won't regret it!! 

7. Enjoy a good stretch post workout after your muscles are nice and warm. Feel free to follow our HIITit.ca 4 MINUTE FULL BODY STRETCH which you can find a link to at the bottom of your daily workout email.

8. Have FUN!!! Honestly, laugh at yourself and with us!! This is not EASY and not intended to be!!! We are the FIRST ones to admit we don't have it all together, and this is a real-life journey we are on together. We love the "messy'ness" of doing this together and being real. This is about health, fitness, positivity, encouraging one another, feeling healthy and strong!! We absolutely love that we're all in this together and working hard to stay on our A-game as a TEAM! Please note also that we will demonstrate a 'Version 1' and modified 'Version 2' of EVERY exercise we complete prior to each workout. Make sure to try each exercise, and then choose which exercise feels good for your body where you are at. The Version 2, slightly modified exercise, is still intended to give you a great workout, so please do not every shy away from the Version 2 if you are not totally comfortable with the full, Version 1 exercise.

Here is to kick-butt, amazing, 12 minute full-body workouts that are going to bring incredible strength, health and well-being to you. We are in this together!! Chelsea & Mel