We hope this can help answer some of your questions, and if there is anything else you are wondering about, we are always a click away at workouts@HIITit.ca.

What does HIIT stand for?
High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout is all about core strengthening and calorie burning in a SHORT amount of time! Great for anyone that can't seem to find the time to workout!

Why are HIIT workouts so effective?
High Intensity Interval Training involves repeated 'bursts' or 'full intensity' periods of exercise, combined together with low intensity rest periods. The high and low intensity together create incredible muscle tone, strength building, cardio improvements and fat burning. The best part of HIIT may be that results can be achieved very quickly compared to other fitness methods. HIIT also produces EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption) which raises our resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post-workout creating ongoing muscle toning and calorie burning. How is THAT for awesome!

What are the benefits of the HIITit.ca program? 
Every single day you will have a 12 minute workout right at your fingertips delivered right to your inbox, so you will never have to wonder what workout to complete. We will always show 2 different versions for every exercise performed, making it universal for all fitness types to complete and are available to answer any questions you may have! These workouts can be completed absolutely anywhere there is wifi, so you will always be able to fit your daily workout into your busy schedule. And the icing on the cake!? These workouts will leave you more energized, strong, and feeling amazing!!!

About how many calories will I burn during a 12 minute workout?
The average amount of calories that can be burned during a HIITit.ca workout varies quite a bit depending on a few factors. One major factor is how much energy the participant exerts during each exercise. With some participants going a bit slower and some at high speed & fully engaging, we would say an average burn rate would be about 300 calories in 12 minutes. With this type of high intensity program, the exercises are developed to build lean muscle which in turns also creates a system within your body that continues to burn calories up to 24 hours after your HIIT workout. An amazing style of exercise that works even after the workout!

What do I get when I sign up?
When you sign up for the HIITit.ca program you will receive an instant download of either 30 or 365 days of HIITit.ca Daily 12 Minute Workouts.

What is the format of your workouts? 
Our workouts are always 12 minutes long and consist of 4 different exercises. Every day we will go though each exercise 3 times. You will complete the exercise for 50 second and then take a 10 second break. Each workout will utilize your legs, arms, core and include cardiovascular movement. Every 5 days there is a rest day, and on those days you will receive an included amazing 12 minute all-core bonus workout.

Can I share these workouts?
Workouts are available exclusively to registered participants via embedded url links, are not accessible to the public and are not in way intended to be shared. Your participation in our monthly workouts is absolutely what keeps the HIITit.ca program alive and we thank you!

Do I have to be a women to join?
Of course not!!! HIITit workouts are for anyone. These workouts are definitely geared towards busy women and moms but everyone is welcome.

What is a WAP?
A WAP is our signature acronym for a Workout Accountability Partner. A WAP can be a family member, neighbour, colleague, friend, child... etc. who throughout the monthly workouts will check in on how your workouts are going and if you are getting them done each day. This works fabulous if you can find a WAP who is also a HIITit.ca participant who is completing the workouts on a regular basis, but if not, it is totally fine too. Your WAP really can be anyone that cares about your success and will commit to checking in on you for a set period of time.

What equipment will I need?
None!! One of the best parts of this program!! These workouts can be done from almost anywhere with nothing needed!

How often should I be working out?
The HIITit.ca Program has been designed with Rest Days on every 5th day. To see optimum results in strength building and improvements in your overall endurance, we do recommend following the program daily. With that being said, we know that we are all human and everyone has days that it just isn't going to happen. So when you miss a day? No big deal!! In fact enjoy a skipped day here or there and hop right back on the bandwagon the next morning. Our hope is that the HIITit.ca 12 minute exercise routine would become a positive habit that you will over-time crave, and do anything not to miss!

If you have questions about anything at all, feel free to contact us any time at workouts@HIITit.ca. We're so happy to help!