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During this unusual time in our world, activity is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Chelsea and Mel are giving 30 days of their at-home workout to anyone during this time, at no cost. No matter where you are in the world, receive your daily workout video at 1am PST right to your email inbox. Simply put on your runners and follow trainers Chelsea and Mel, from right at home. Work your entire body, and feel healthy, strong and motivated as you strengthen your core, arms and legs with EVERY single workout. No equipment is ever needed, and every workout is always 12 minutes. Please share this offer with your friends and family as we support one another and promote the importance of health and wellness worldwide. *LIIT (low intensity) workouts are also included with this offer at no cost. **PS- Following sign up, make SURE to join in on the most incredible online fitness community, in the private HIITitRoom at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HIITitROOM/ Meet new HIITit.ca friends worldwide supporting one another in our daily commitment to health and fitness.

"Your workouts have been totally transformative mentally and physically for me, and I want other people to know about this program. These workouts have been so important as I've been at home. THANK YOU!! I love them!" Christina

"I had a very tough time getting out of bed this morning! I'm doing my best to keep the "routine" but some days it is harder than others :) Yet, I still got up and did my HIITit workout today, even with the kids climbing on me and needing to pause to ask them to let me finish my workout, haha. I have been doing HIITIT.ca (on and off) since my 5-year old twins were babies and it has been such a beacon of light for me over the years. It has always remained to be a manageable and realistic way to get my strength training in on a regular basis. It is perfect in every way!! I've managed to make some significant changes to my lifestyle this past year and just making those habit changes and being as consistent as possible has finally started to pay dividends. It took MONTHS to notice anything different but I'm seeing the changes in my body and I've lost over 20 lbs since last July. HIITit.ca has been key to building my confidence and feeling strong to my core. I love the positive energy from Chelsea and Mel and this community!" Ashley

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*PLEASE NOTE THAT BY SIGNING UP YOU FOR HIITit.ca WORKOUTS YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF THE HIIT IT KELOWNA HEALTH WAIVER. FORM CAN BE VIEWED AT http://www.hiitit.ca/health-waiver **Cancellation to $25/month workout subscription can be made at any time without any penalty. HIITit.ca at home workout subscription following free 30 days is $25CAD per month.**Payment for any HIITit.ca product can be made with any major credit card.* A PayPal account is not required for sign-up.**