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Hello Everyone!! I am Mel Breitkreutz, and together with the WORLD’s best business partner, Chelsea Harrison, and Sports Nutritionist, Pamela Redpath, we have put together 100’s of clean eating principals to create the HIITit.ca 3-day Clean Eating Food Challenge + Healthy Eating Food Guide!! The HIITit.ca Clean Eating Food Guide that comes with this challenge is absolutely not rocket science, but instead SIMPLE, easy to follow guidelines to leave you feeling energized, healthy, and satisfied. Eating is one of those things that can completely change the way we feel, but to identify habits that are maybe not making us feel our best is not easy! We hope that these guidelines will help us to take on and implement many new healthy habits that will compliment our HIITit.ca Daily 12 Minute Workout program. Whether this is your first time joining in on a clean eating challenge, or you are a pro, we hope that the HIITit.ca Clean Eating Food Guide leaves you feeling amazing. We could not feel more thankful to be on this journey with you!! Chelsea & Mel

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