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Congratulations on all of your hard work and determination to train for your upcoming Marathon! We are thrilled to be able to introduce you to our 12 Minute Marathon Training Program! Incorporate these 12 minute HIIT workouts into your workout routine to tap into your anaerobic fuel systems, improving your speed and strength, while building awesome lean muscle. Simply press play on your Daily 12 minute video and follow an amazing variety of body weight exercises that will increase your strength, threshold and cardio limits for your marathon race day!! *Daily Workout emailed at 1am PST.**

"As I distance runner I love my cardio, but I knew I was lacking over-all muscle strength and toning. The 12 minute workouts were the perfect addition to add to my training as a runner. These workouts are fun, engaging, challenging, and motivating as the daily e-mail keeps me on track. As a runner I love that I can run anywhere, and these workouts are no exception. A simple, 12 minute video of body weight exercises that is easy to follow anywhere/anytime. I am a stronger, faster and more balanced runner because I have added these workouts into my training schedule. The focus on the overall body strengthening that these workouts have provided has helped to minimize and eliminate any running or repetitive motion injuries. And the bonus is that with them only being 12 minutes a day I can still get my long runs done!!" Sarah Murray

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