Calling all of you who have 5 or more participants ready to join the HIITit program!!! Co-workers, families, sports teams, school groups, clubs... Commit now to a stronger, healthier life!! The Team Membership is for you!! As low as $79*** for workouts delivered every single morning for an entire year to your email inbox that can be done from anywhere in the world!! This program delivers a new wicked, kick-butt, full-body HIIT** workout video everyday to use on its own or in combination with regular activity for GUARANTEED fitness success & strength training!! Need something a little less intense to start? Along with your regular HIITit workout, you will receive a Daily 12 Minute LIIT*, Low Intensity, workout at no extra cost. These workouts can be done anywhere, and never require any equipment. Feel GREAT, reduce stress, improve your energy, gain strength & MEET YOUR FITNESS GOALS by being active on a DAILY basis with HIITit!! EVERYTHING TO GAIN- NOTHING TO LOSE!!

"I have never ever enjoyed working out. I hate going to the gym, classes don't do it for me, and I buy DVDs and equipment with the promise of doing it ALL THE TIME and I wimp out after a month. These exercises have motivated me to become and STAY active! I hate missing a day, and I have become that person who feels incomplete if I don't get my workout in. Thank you so much for inspiring me to get fit and become a person who enjoys exercising and seeing the change in my body. I can't believe how much I love being active! Thank you!!" Kate Simard

HIIT** High Intensity Interval Training
LIIT* Low Intensity Interval Training
***LifeWorks 1 Year Online Fitness Membership discounted rates based on number of participants (Reg. $300pp). Following purchase please send all participants email addresses to, and allow 2 business days to activate accounts and begin receiving daily workouts.

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