Hello Fabulous Ladies of Hillberg & Berk! We are so excited to be working together, pairing your beautiful jewelry with our online fitness program! A match made in heaven!

This offer has been created, just for you, as a Hillberg & Berk associate. Every November, we host our annual Black Friday sale, where we sell our HIITit.ca One Year Fitness Memberships for $199 (Regular Price $299CAD). Our membership is a brand new daily 12 minute workout, that is delivered right to your email inbox, with no equipment ever required, 365 days of the year! These workouts take very little space (they can be done at home, in your office, anywhere!), are fun, easy-to-follow, can be done with friends, and best of all, bring ACTUAL, incredible results!! We have 100's of testimonies of changed lives, and new energy, and strength that women worldwide cannot stop talking about! Every day you also have the option to do the HIIT (high intensity workout), or an optional LIIT (low intensity, low impact) workout, depending where you're at in your fitness journey! Both incredible!

So... here is the deal EXCLUSIVELY for YOU!! For all Hillberg & Berk associates, we are offering our 2020 One Year Membership to you at $99 for the ENTIRE year. Actually for 13 months! When you sign up, you will get your first 30 days at no cost, just to try out the program on us, and then your $99 offer will be charged 30 days after you sign up to get your exclusive offer and One Year Membership! We are SO very excited to partner, and are HERE for you as your trainers whenever you need to pop us a note! Our private HIITit Room is also an incredible community of HIITit women supporting women, which is also included in your membership! We LIVE for women flourishing in all aspects of life and are SO excited to have you join us in your journey of health and fitness. Chelsea and Mel xo